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How to make Rx Lens order ?

First of all, you should log in the member area. Then just select the frames and lenses, input the Rx and submit your order. If you order Rx lenses in bulk qty at one time, just email your data file ( e.g. in MS Excel format ) to

How to track my orders ?

After login, click " My Orders" in the "My Account" page after "LogIn", select the order status or All Status you want trace then click " Search" .  You may enter your order refer number or job number in to the Keywords search for a particular order.

Annotation for Ordering


Normal diameter can be input in mm. If special size of lenses required please input requirement into according to below information.

Dia. XX → diameter in mm for round shape lenses ( e.g. Dia.70 )

Dia. AA/BB  → Lens has de-centered where AA is actual diameter of the lens and BB is usable diameter of the lens ( Dia. 70/75 means a Dia 70mm lens has optical center 2.5mm de-centered IN )

Dia. AA x BB →Lens is oval ( elliptical ) shape where AA is horizontal box measurement in mm ; BB is vertical box measurement in mm of the lens inoval shape. ( e.g.  Dia. 65 x 55 )

Dia. CAL→Lens size and shape will be calculated according to frames data.


ET means the lens edge thickness.

CT means the lens center thickness.

Coating Type

UC = Un-coated ; HC = Hard-coated ; HMC = Hard Multi-coated ; BHMC = only Back side Multi-coated

HMC+SP = Hard Multi-coated with Super-Hydrophobic    BlueHMC = Blue AR Hard Multi-coated

Measuring Fitting Height